Intelligent buying wholesale turquoise beads in China

Wholesale Beads / 2012-02-18

Does it really matter where your Turquoise Beads come from as long as they're that deep, rich blue that's become synonymous with the desert southwest? To some it does. After all, if that necklace of turquoise nuggets or turquoise roundels is truly a Native American necklace, or at least a genuine piece of southwestern jewelry, shouldn't the turquoise come from one of the famous mines in Arizona, like the Bisbee or Kingman turquoise mines? Or at least shouldn't it come from New Mexico or Nevada?

True American turquoise is becoming a rarer and rarer commodity, and so the prices of American turquoise beads, or at least Arizona turquoise beads, keep getting raised. And though it used to be that a high price was based on the fact that a chocker or necklace was made by Native Americans, many now find those same Native American chokers and necklaces almost unreachable because of the added cost of turquoise. Bargain American or Arizona turquoise beads are being sought after just like gold and diamonds.

But is it truly worth it? Do you really need to break the bank for American turquoise beads when some of the most beautiful turquoise in the world is readily available Chinese turquoise? Chinese turquoise, such as the deep, sky-blue turquoise from the Ma'ashan mine, just north of Shanghai, has been used for years to make jewelry and carved decor.
In fact, a strand of Chinese turquoise nuggets, laid side by side next to most types of Arizona turquoise nugget beads will look almost identical. And in truth, if you were to go to the famous flea market of Albuquerque, or the town square in Santa Fe, you'd find hundreds of high-priced Native American necklaces that are probably made of Chinese turquoise beads being passed off as American turquoise beads. Actually, few of the buyers really even know the difference and probably won't ask.
So, it comes down to perception. If you just have to have American or Arizona turquoise beads on your necklace, then you can certainly still find it, but it will cost you. And if you must have it, be sure to ask the salesperson to show you some type of proof of the origin of the turquoise. But if you don't care, if you just want the light wispy blue, the spider-webbed robin's egg blue, or the deep-sea blue that can only be turquoise, then you'll find a beads wholesaler in Chinese turquoise beads and nuggets. Typically you will spend half as much on Chinese turquoise compared to American turquoise beads, and the same goes for the finished product.
And if you make your own turquoise necklace then the bargain gets even better. Strands of Chinese turquoise beads, like Chinese turquoise nuggets, Chinese turquoise roundels, and even Chinese turquoise heishi are drastically lower than comparable American turquoise beads.
So when it comes to turquoise it really just comes down to what you like and what you want and it shouldn't really come down to where it comes from.
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